Founder President:Maulana Ali Abbas Khan Najfi, S/o Mr. Jafar Hussain Khan r/o 11/169, Maqbara, Gwaltoli, Kanpur (UP) hereunder called the“FOUNDER OF THE SOCIETY” and first president of the managing committee of the Society.

II. Managing Committee: The members herein shall form the Managing Committee. The managing Committee shall be sole authority in all matters pertaining to the Society. The five members of the Managing Committee herein constituted shall be the members of life term. Maulana Ali Abbas Khan Najfi shall be President for a period of 5 years and out of the remaining four members a Treasurer may be elected on such terms and conditions as may be decided by the Managing Committee. Mr. Hasan Yar Aga shall be the Treasurer for the term and shall continue to be so till next election to be made after a lapse of five years from the date of registration of the society.

In the event of members seat falls vacant then the other members of the Managing Committee shall have the right to elect a new member. The new member elected there of shall hold the office for a period of five years.

It shall be an incumbent that all the members of Managing Committee shall be from Muslim Minority & well wishers of the Society and supporters of its Aims & Objectives. Managing Committee shall have the powers to co-opt three additional members if required.

III. Duties and powers of the Managing Committee: The Control, Administration and Management of the Society and all properties funds and institutions shall vest in the Managing Committee.

The Managing Committee is entrusted with responsibility of managing the Society properties and fulfillment of the Aims and Objectives of the Society in accordance with the provisions of the Society in and to this end to take and implement decision including appointment, removal etc. of necessary staff, and to least – out acquire, develop alter, alienate of sell the properties of the Society, and to regulate the income and expenditure of the Society in the best interest of the institution and to maintain regular day to day accounts and to conserve and to improve its resources. The members of Managing Committee shall have equal voice in all matters relating to the management of the Society and to have right to look into its accounts and to make proposals for ensuring and efficient management of the Society and its properties and fulfillment of its Aims & Objectives.

The Managing committee shall have power to employ from time to time the necessary staff such as Bill Collectors, Clerks, Teachers and other staff and personnel’s for the proper administration of the Society, its properties and the institutions on such reasonable salaries and remunerations and on such terms as may appear proper to them.

The Managing Committee may whenever it deems fit, suspend or remove any Bill Collector, Clerks, Teachers and other employees or servants or any other staff members of the Society. However, before passing such orders, the concerned employees shall be given an opportunity to be heard at an inquiry, which may be held by the President of the Society.

IV. Duties, Power and Responsibility of the President: The President shall be the Executive Head of the Society. He shall be responsible for its activities of its proper management and fulfillment of its proper Aims and Objectives in accordance with the provisions of the Society, who shall preside at every meeting of the Managing Committee that may be formed under the aegis of the Society and shall have over all supervisory and administrative powers over the affairs of the Society and its property. He shall have a casting vote in the event of equality of votes.

Represent the Society’s Managing Committee of other committee as the case may be in all matters of religious, social, educational, legal or otherwise wherein the said Society it’s interested or connected. To remove any member of the Managing Committee if the President finds, he/she is doing any act which are against the policies of the Society, he/she can be removed with consultant of all the members.

Sue or be sued in a Court of law, for on behalf of, in the interest of or in the name the Society or its Managing Committee in all matters, cases, affairs, transitive, proceedings and such other matters whatsoever connected with the Society.

Do and perform such acts and deeds as he is or may be empowered by a resolution of the Managing Committee or by a General or Special Power of Attorney by the members of the Managing Committee if the Managing Committee deems it necessary to pass such a resolution to give such a Power of Attorney doing or performing the concerned acts and deeds.

V. Duties, Powers and Responsibilities of Treasurer:The Treasurer shall keep proper accounts of the money received and disbursement made on account of the Society, its properties and shall be primarily responsible for the safe custody of all books of accounts, documents, vouchers and all papers relating to the Society its properties and Institutions.

As a Treasurer, he is the Chief Executive Officer of the Society and shall maintain control and administer all the activities of the Society and its Institutions, while doing so, he shall act according to the directions of the Managing Committee and under the over all supervision of the President of the Society.

The proceedings of the entire meeting shall entered in the minute book maintained for the purpose and signed by every member of the Managing Committee preset at the meeting at the end of the proceedings of such meetings. The Treasurer shall maintain the records of all such meetings and proceedings.

VI. Donations, Gifts etc.: The Managing Committee at their discretion accepts either from within the country of or from abroad donations, gifts, Society settlements or Wakfs of any movable property including cash or immovable property for or in the name of on or behalf of the Society and in case of any donor, settler, wakf directs of desires to utilize such properties for a definite or specified purpose or in any particular manner, the Managing Committee shall as far possible comply with such directions or desire contained there-under provided that no property (cash, movable or immovable) shall be accepted by way of gift, Society, or wakf which is not deemed by the Managing Committee to the beneficial to or in the interest of the Society.

VI. Official Year:The official year of the Society shall be the official year of the Govt. of UP State is at present from 1st April of one calendar year to 31st March of the next calendar year provided the Managing Committee is entitled at any time to fix a different period for the official year.

VII. Audit of Accounts: The accounts of the Society shall be audited by a Certified Auditor to be employed or appointed for the purpose by the Managing Committee who shall fix such responsible remuneration or for the auditor for the purpose.

VIII. Cessation of Members from the Managing Committee: A Member of the Managing Committee shall cease to be a member in case of

(i) Death
(ii) By Resignation and Acceptance by the Managing Committee and
(iii) By Removal by the Managing Committee of the member whose activities are the such as to effect adversely the Aims and Objectives of the Society. The decision for and against shall be taken only with the consent of 2/3rd majority of the members only.

IX. Purchase and Sale of Properties: All the properties purchase of, acquired by the Society shall in the name of the Society represented by its President, but the members or their heirs, shall have no right on the said properties. For the disposal of any properties of the properties such as movable or immovable of the Society, the approval of 2/3rd member of the Managing Committee shall be necessary.

X. Corpus of the Society:The founder of the Society has contributed a sum of Rs. 1000/- (Rupees one thousand only) to the Society which shall be the Corpus of the Society.

XI. Irrevocability: The Society is irrevocable